September 6, 2023

MaxQ/Acumatica and Confident LIMS Launch Integration to Streamline Operator Workflow

Confident LIMS integrates with MaxQ/Acumatica to streamline operator workflow.

Written by

Jacqueline DeMarco

November 23, 2021

Automatically transmit lab test results and reports through the supply chain.

MaxQ, a leading provider of Cannabis Management Software, and Acumatica, the fastest-growing cloud ERP company, and Confident LIMS, the #1 cannabis lab testing and wholesale commerce platform in the U.S., announced a strategic partnership to provide their clients with a fully-featured data integration service. The integration built by MaxQ allows clients to seamlessly transfer their lab test results and reports from Confident LIMS to MaxQ Cannabis for Acumatica, allowing them to easily print compliant labels, analyze their performance, and share their data throughout the supply chain. Cannabis quality control testing, compliant labeling, and performance monitoring are expensive and time-consuming steps in operators’ workflow, but they are critically important to maintain product quality and ensure consumers and patients have access to safe and effective cannabis.

“Hundreds of cannabis operators rely on both Confident LIMS and MaxQ/Acumatica to thrive. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce this partnership with our friends at MaxQ Technologies,” said Steve Albarran, Co-CEO of Confident LIMS. “This integration empowers our mutual clients to save time, money, and energy - furthering our mission to simplify cannabis wholesale testing and trade to help bring trust and transparency to the cannabis industry.”

“All of our cannabis companies in the United States need to provide third-party lab results and provide COAs to their customers. Our partner, Confident LIMS, offers a vital service to our industry. This partnership allows MaxQ Cannabis for Acumatica to automate a time-consuming error-prone process,” said John Pavain, CEO of MaxQ Technologies. “This is a continuation of our commitment to provide integrations to other systems that can help our customers increase efficiency while reducing costs and errors.”

MaxQ and Confident LIMS operate in the recreational and medical markets across the United States and are offering access to this integration to operators immediately.

Click here to learn more and connect your Acumatica + Confident LIMS integration.

About MaxQ

MaxQ Technologies, Inc. is a leading Value-Added Reseller and Independent Software Vendor specializing in providing business solutions for the cannabis industry. A recognized leader for 35 years, MaxQ is committed to helping cannabis companies organize, update, optimize, and grow their business using cloud technology with the right software. The commitment to innovation, industry expertise, and exceptional service is just one reason why so many cannabis companies rely on MaxQ Cannabis. For more information, visit

About Acumatica

Acumatica The Cloud ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that offers business management applications for mid-sized companies all around the world. With cloud and mobile technology, Acumatica’s future-proof platform is designed for rapid integrations, scalability, and ease of use. Experience the best-in-class business and industry functionality anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit

About Confident LIMS

Confident exists to delight your teammates and your clients. We want Confident to be the LIMS you actually want to use.

Confident LIMS combines an intuitive and beautiful interface with a powerful network of labs and testing clients, allowing labs to attract and retain more clients, accelerate workflows, and seamlessly integrate systems. Our state-of-the-art platform is designed for modern usability – making it easy for your team to deliver exceptional service that keeps clients coming back. Our network connects you to thousands of potential clients, making it simple for them to order tests from your lab. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive teammates empower labs to onboard and adapt twice as fast as other LIMS providers. 

In other words, we make the hard stuff easy so your lab can thrive. That’s why hundreds of labs and thousands of their clients rely on Confident LIMS to test millions of samples around the world.

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Confident LIMS

MaxQ Technologies





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